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Archive for January, 2013

Latvian Lances- Joust the Board Game!

A good friend of mine, Martin Corns, turned Joust into a Board Game. It looks to be pretty awesome! It’s a print and play game. To download the image files, grab the game images and print them out. They can be found here You an download the manual here.

One Game A Month #1 Coding Complete – Joust!

I’ve done it! My first #1GAM game is complete. Joust! can be played here. Total coding time: 14 hours 47 minutes, with 1 hour 13 minutes left. I should be honest here. CODING is complete. The artwork is not quite complete with two/three icons missing- These are being done by someone else and are still being […]

1GAM #1 – Joust!

So my first game will be a Joust “Simulator” – It’s no really a simulator as such, as it is somewhat of a strategy/rapid-click action game. my 1x A4 design doc is here: — ONE GAME A MONTH — ONE GAME A PAGE!!!! All HTML5, Android, iOS.     1) “Knights Tale” (can’t call it […]

I’m doing One Game A Month!

Well, People will say that I am completely, utterly insane, but I have decided to go ahead and do One Game A Month (http://onegameamonth.com/damiensturdy – Take a peek!) My aim is not just to code 12 games in 12 months- It is to make good use of my time. Using my 16 hours free each […]