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Fake CE Markings are a huge hazard!

27 August 2013 | None Development
Fake CE logo

Fake CE logo

So many of the devices you buy every day come from China that it’s become somewhat of a given. Where is it made? “Oh, Probably in China.”

Some of the stuff that China churns out is fantastic. Cheap but functional tablets, (Some not-so-functional!), £30 TV Andtoid STBs. A £5 replacement phone charger….

And here is where the problem lies. At £5.00, your phone charger is ridiculously cheap. Corners are cut in the manufacturing process. You may not realise this but your phone charger might be about to cause serious harm:


After seeing this video, I decided to search my house for power supplies baring the same mark. The search found FIVE Power supplies. Two were Set Top Box power supply, Two were for cheap Android device power supplies, One was for the Nintendo DS.

If you don’t really want to watch or do not understand that video, here is the basic message:

Cheap power supplies are cutting corners, placing components too close together, providing a risk that the full current gets sent down the charge cable and into your device- and possibly into you. This has been getting a bit of attention recently but only in the form of iPhone chargers but I can tell you it applies to SO MUCH MORE than just chargers.

How can you spot a problem device?

Apart from obviously looking at it and deciding that it’s of too poor quality to trust- a good power supply will be quite chunky to spread out the components- and fit more of them in- a massive tell-tale sign lies with the CE stamp:


Fake CE Logo

Looks fine right? You’ve seen it a million times, right?


Wrong. This and the following 6 are actually signs for “China Export” and not  “Conformité Européenne”.


More make CE logos



The correct CE logo looks like this:


CE Marking

Correct layout of CE logo


This shows the layout. the C and the E are set in their own circles, and the centre line of the E is inset slightly. If the C and the E are closer than this, it is NOT The official CE logo.

If an item is not stamped with the official “CE” stamp then it likely does not conform to many European safety measures. For instance, plastic should be fire retardant. Remove the source of heat and the fire should go out. This is NOT the case with many Chinese import devices. Tests have shown the devices continue to burn when on fire posing a significant risk to your house and your loved ones even if you are not home.

So watch yourself. Be careful. If your item has one of the previous 6 CE icons, it could be dangerous. Check before you buy!

As a precaution I have removed the 5 power supplies bearing the fake icon and I suggest you all do the same. I don’t know about you, but I love life, I love my family, and I love my house. I’d quite like to keep all three.

No more buying £5.00 power supplies!


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