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1GAM #1 – Joust!

02 January 2013 | #1GAM,News

So my first game will be a Joust “Simulator” – It’s no really a simulator as such, as it is somewhat of a strategy/rapid-click action game. my 1x A4 design doc is here:


All HTML5, Android, iOS.



1) “Knights Tale” (can’t call it that though…)

The player is not a true knight. (is this also too much?) You have been given 100 gold.


12 weapons. Can select two weapons for the joust stage and two for sword stage. 6 “jousts” (joust, sword, axe etc) 6 Shields (wooden, metal, small, large etc)
There are 3 armour types. Light, Medium and Heavy. Weapons each have an attack, defence, health and weight values.


It costs 100 gold to enter each round. Select your weapons then tap quickly to charge by charge rate per tap, and the charge is reduced by 50% each second, adjusted by combined weight.

At the start you get 5 seconds to charge from initial tap to horse release. Continue tapping until contact with opponent for extra charge!
Effective attack rating = attack*(health/100), Effective defence rating = defence*(health/100) , Final value = (your attack-cpu defence), Charge rate = 100+final value.
At contact the winner is player with more charge.

Contact speed = combined charges/2 –keeps it sensible.



Damage is taken to items in use:
Armour: ((opponent attack – defence)*contact speed)/100
Weapons: ((attack rating + opponents defence rating)*contact speed)/100
Defence:(opponents attack rating *contact speed)/100.



Gold is awarded for winning at a rate of  contact speed/20 (contact speed of 2000 = 100 gold) – Followed by 10 seconds of tapping on weapons to repair at rate of 1 gold for 1 unit repair.Chance of winning new weapons from previous opponent.


The game “ends” when you cannot afford to enter. You can either restart or sell weapons (click a weapon)- In order to allow for continued play, each player defeat weakens the CPU to match difficulty,  if the player runs out of money and waits 24 hours he is awarded 100 gold and the CPU is weakened to improve chances of progress.



The player can be declared a knight by defeating a king, however the game will continue after this point as gameplay is never ending!


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