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PUB CRAWL! Best of British Game Jam – #BOBjam!

05 August 2013 | #1GAM,Games

On 26th, 27th and 28th July, the Best of British Indie Games group met together (More can be read on that here.) but unfortunately I couldn’t make it, and a friend of mine, Alex, and I decided to take part from home.

We started discussing ideas on the Friday, minutes after the theme was announced- Britishism. Alex is a great pixel artist, see- and I couldn’t do art if a shiny demon shined and said “Make me some pixel art, or I’ll eat your souls.”

The result?  The result was Pub Crawl! It takes no imagination to figure out the inspiration here. Anybody who has seen The Worlds End will know, by heart, that it was a large inspiration for the end product- even though Alex hasn’t seen it yet.

Jarvis is sober. He doesn’t like being sober! So, help him stay on his feet and get him to drink as much as he possibly can!

On Saturday morning, Alex popped over and we started planning further, and decided on a course of action that, after about 4 hours, would leave us with something worth pushing out the door.

The original plan was to have Jarvis wobble down the road, and at each door, you’d play a mini game involving clicking beers before they fell off the table. You’d get a little drinker and score for each pint, However, this was to be added later.

After the mini game, began the main game- Keeping Jarvis standing straight. You tweak the mouse and use WSAD to nudge him in the right direction. If you were too drunk you’d either piss off a skinhead or get whacked by the “guvnor” (our nickname for the police officer.)

6 hours in, however, Alex’s insulin pen snaps and calls the day to a rapid close- he needed to get that one fixed! Thanks to our earlier plan, though, we still had something to publish, though it lacked much of the intended features.

It’s still plenty of fun! Plus, on the Sunday I snuck in a car that can run you over- I play it just to see that happen!

Oh- More updates on this game soon. Alex has been coding updates all week and I can’t wait to see what he’s done!

Pub Crawl!

Jarvis got drunk, hit by a car, and then landed on it’s roof.

Play Pub Crawl here.




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