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Monster Trucks – #1GAM June

05 August 2013 | #1GAM,Games

Junes #1GAM was very quick- it was a test for the first version of SturdyEngine  and a good one at that. Several flaws were found and removed in SturdyEngine for this project!

Monster Trucks SturdyEngine test

Monster Trucks SturdyEngine test

Play Monster Trucks Here.

The game itself was not new, it’s the first thing I ever created with Unity! However a fair bit of work went into the 16 hour dev period for this #1gam.

What was involved in Monster Trucks:

  • Rip out old waypoint system and replace with Sturdy Waypoints. This maps each waypoint into an array and allows you to accurately determine the position of a vehicle without having to bubble sort each vehicle in game. At the cost of memory, this allowed a massive increase in the number of vehicles on mobile devices.

In fact, Sturdy Waypoints was developed for monster trucks. The previous version only checked positions at each waypoint on the track, but the new one can calculate positions based on current waypoint *and* distance to the next waypoint. This alone is enough for good waypoint checking, however, we went a step further an implemented arrays to remove the need for bubble sort.

Each element in the array is increased the first time a ship passes over this particular waypoint/array element. Instead of bubble sorting, we can just read the array to determine our position!

  • Implement and fix any oversights on SturdyEngine.

This went really well. A few bugfixes and source updates, and about 30 minutes of time, and this was implemented. This, mixed with Sturdy Waypoints and the old Monster Truck demo meant this prototype was done!



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