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I’m doing One Game A Month!

02 January 2013 | #1GAM,News

Well, People will say that I am completely, utterly insane, but I have decided to go ahead and do One Game A Month (http://onegameamonth.com/damiensturdy – Take a peek!)

My aim is not just to code 12 games in 12 months- It is to make good use of my time. Using my 16 hours free each month, I will design and complete a simple game. I have two simple rules to help me on my journey:

1) The design doc must be simple. If the game cannot be fully described on a single side of a4 paper, it is too complicated to finish within my time frame.
2) Each task time is 16 hours coding. Artwork is extra- since I don’t do art! If anyone can help here it would be MASSIVELY appreciated!

..More posts will follow as I make progress!

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