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How I proposed – You Play

19 February 2013 | Interactive Content

As many of you know, I proposed to Nicky by hiding a ring in a game I was developing at the time. Typical of a workaholic, I asked her to test a level when we were out on a date…

Here’s the playable version of Spring Bonus that I built to propose to Nicky. Originally this played the Nickelback song “Holding on to Heaven” but I have had to replace it with a riff of my own.

Play the below to see what it was like. (Don’t worry, Unity player is no problem to install and it is worth installing it!)

Oh, She said “YES!” – Or, actually, more of a “YAP!”…


<Click here to play>


Spring Bonus is a wonderful Match-3 game designed by Jake Birkett of Grey Alien Games (http://www.greyaliengames.com/). We worked with Jake to port this bright, colourful, fun game to iOS and Android.

Fancy a game? Get it for your device here: http://www.greyaliengames.com/springbonus/index.php



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