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Mash ‘Em Marbles

28 April 2013 | #1GAM,Games

This weekend for my April One Game a Month entry, I recoded my old game Mash ’em Marbles!

It’s as close to the original as I could get it. Plenty of fun, and incredibly simple. Sadly because I used some old media and the theme became a little bit more than Minimalistic, I could not enter this for Ludum Dare.

What did I do?


I pulled out all of the logic. I tore it to pieces, then I put it back together again using saner methods of coding. There are no crazy scripts attached to my GUI elements, there are very few GUI elements at all now (everything is a mesh) and the whole thing runs far better.

I also improved the textures where possible. I’m no artist, so you can guess this won’t make a huge difference!

The main menu is nicer too- and it now allows you to select the level you wish to play. This goes against what the original version of the game was about- survival- how long did you play Marble Madness before you finally saw level 5? However, I realised that in the end it only increased the fun and allowed players to see more of the game without getting fed up at that one irritating spot.

I am working with someone to bring some far, far more interesting levels to Mashem. More on that later in the year!

OK the juicy bits:

Play it here.

Screenies? Why not!


Mash 'em Marbles



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