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Best of all evils- Mobile phone OSes.

08 November 2013 | Uncategorized

OK. You might want to save this post.

Yesterday, my phone decided to sign me in to every Google service with one password, without asking. I did not want to be logged into chat, or google+. I did not want my position to be known, I wanted my freshly booted phone to simply start the usual, and tell me if I have got a text message, or a voicemail, or a phonecall, or an email.


I Don’t like Google at this moment in time. They take 30% of our sales and do nowhere near the same checking of apps that Apple do, although their OS is open source, which is a good thing. Sadly their newest OS builds seem to spend a lot of time tracking your location for whatever reasons. Disabling Google Services fixes that, but then you can’t use Google Play…

I don’t like Microsoft. They’ve been far too slow to respond to how insecure their OS is, they overcharge for their OS and assume everyone is a pirate; Several OS reinstalls have been required after legal OS installs became non-authentic with no reason.

I don’t like Apple. At least, I don’t like their phone division. Let me explain this: Their phones are under-powered and over-priced. They have good software. I cannot deny this.

Sadly, today, I have to admit to something:

I currently like Apple’s software more than I like Google’s software. I also trust it more.

Apple take 30% of each sale, but they check the apps that are created. They aren’t just checked for bugs, they are checked for behavior, and if they do not meet strict guidelines, the apps are not approved, and the developers are informed. This makes a bit of a pain out of releasing apps- but the result is better, higher quality apps.

Google take 30% of each sale, and do nothing, unless something is reported. (From what I can see.) The OS is secure, and the chances of you getting a virus is around the same as on iOS, but if you install 10 apps that use a system of pushing ads, you end up with an ad-crammed phone.

I’ve always complained that Apple’s phones are underpowered. They are. For the same price, you can get an Android with quite literally double the hardware power. The other day, however I noticed something.

Open up an iPhone.

The majority of the space inside that device is battery. The hardware may be underpowered but for the most part the OS runs really, really smoothly. And then the obvious hit me:

You don’t NEED an octo-core 2.0ghz processor for a mobile OS. You just need an OS that appears to be running smooth to the end user, and shows no unexpected delays.

Use an iPhone. The UI is, for the most part, smooth, and the touch tracking is, sadly for me, a far nicer experience than on an equivalent Android device. The OS is just smooth.

Here’s an argument- one of mine, in fact!

“But I can’t customise it!”

Valid point, but then you realise it, for 90% of the population the sheer amount of tweaking you can do on an Android device is just simply not needed.

For me? I’ll jailbreak it straight away- if I want to do something with it, then I can. It’ll void the warranty but then that’s the same as Rooting your Android device.


I can’t at this time give any views on Windows Phone. I actually really hope that I would like it, despite not liking Windows, simply because for the past few years I have loved to hate Apple. For now though, I hate to say it:


I may have become an Apple appreciator…..





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