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Red Forest – Procedurally Generated Pod Racing

31 March 2014 | Games,Red Forest

Red Forest: Procedurally Generated Pod Racing -is the current working title of what was previously known as X-Speed and Red Forest.

It is a pod racer with a difference! You won’t see “With Six Tracks!” in our feature list, because upon release, Red Forest will feature INFINITE tracks. That’s right- The tracks are generated at runtime much like the levels in Worms.

Now add hover pods to that, and weapons, and upgrades, and speed! ON TOP OF THAT, Add the fact that even though we’ve not released it yet, you can still play it.

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That’s right, we’re giving everyone early access for free. It is our view that the best feedback comes from the users, and it seems daft that most games miss out on this crucial feedback prior to release. This means that YOU have control over how the game improves at an earlier stage- and hopefully, you’ll enjoy the game far more for it. This is a bold risk, but we hope you choose to support your favourite games.

Right now, Red forest is limited to 10 tracks and four fully upgradable pods. The pod count will increase over time, and upon release we will remove the track limit.

This page will always contain a link to the latest Web Build of Red Forest. This will be periodically updated during development (Red Forest is Free to play during development- we are, after all, getting your feedback!)


Click here when you are ready to play!

Alternatively, if you have a recent, powerful Android device, Grab a copy of the current Android build from the play store


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