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X-Speed (Red Forest part 2)

Continued  from this post: With Red Forest, I wanted a hover-racer, but I needed it to be easy to update and add extras. The amount of effort required to create each track was immense. How could I solve this problem?   It quickly became obvious that although I liked the feeling of the simulated hover vehicles […]

Gravity Ed

So, so far I’ve managed not to put a thing about my pet project, Gravity Ed, on here, which seems absolutely DAFT.                     Gravity Ed started life about 18 months ago when I scribbled a 1-screen puzzle on a piece of paper:       And it fast grew […]

Sturdy Engine – Unity #1GAM Helper

After the release of the Red Forest prototype, I realised I was spending FAR too long creating menus and UIs and not enough time on the games, so I decided to create a helper package to ease the process. I began to strip Red Forest down. I removed the game,  I moved all required assets […]

Latvian Lances- Joust the Board Game!

A good friend of mine, Martin Corns, turned Joust into a Board Game. It looks to be pretty awesome! It’s a print and play game. To download the image files, grab the game images and print them out. They can be found here You an download the manual here.