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Archive for August, 2013

Fake CE Markings are a huge hazard!

So many of the devices you buy every day come from China that it’s become somewhat of a given. Where is it made? “Oh, Probably in China.” Some of the stuff that China churns out is fantastic. Cheap but functional tablets, (Some not-so-functional!), £30 TV Andtoid STBs. A £5 replacement phone charger…. And here is […]

XSpeed Dev Diary- What’s the plan, Sturdy?

So, as you can ask my wife, I’ve not really been spotted in the wild over the past couple of weeks. The reason is that I’ve upped my efforts with X Speed with the intention of getting it ready for release. There’s a slightly older playable version of the game available to play online here. […]

X-Speed (Red Forest part 2)

Continued  from this post: With Red Forest, I wanted a hover-racer, but I needed it to be easy to update and add extras. The amount of effort required to create each track was immense. How could I solve this problem?   It quickly became obvious that although I liked the feeling of the simulated hover vehicles […]

Gravity Ed

So, so far I’ve managed not to put a thing about my pet project, Gravity Ed, on here, which seems absolutely DAFT.                     Gravity Ed started life about 18 months ago when I scribbled a 1-screen puzzle on a piece of paper:       And it fast grew […]

PUB CRAWL! Best of British Game Jam – #BOBjam!

On 26th, 27th and 28th July, the Best of British Indie Games group met together (More can be read on that here.) but unfortunately I couldn’t make it, and a friend of mine, Alex, and I decided to take part from home. We started discussing ideas on the Friday, minutes after the theme was announced- Britishism. […]

Monster Trucks – #1GAM June

Junes #1GAM was very quick- it was a test for the first version of SturdyEngine  and a good one at that. Several flaws were found and removed in SturdyEngine for this project! Play Monster Trucks Here. The game itself was not new, it’s the first thing I ever created with Unity! However a fair bit […]

Sturdy Engine – Unity #1GAM Helper

After the release of the Red Forest prototype, I realised I was spending FAR too long creating menus and UIs and not enough time on the games, so I decided to create a helper package to ease the process. I began to strip Red Forest down. I removed the game,  I moved all required assets […]

Red Forest – Part 1 – #1GAM May

In May, the month before I got married, I became aware that I was running out of time. The wedding was fast approaching! Play Red Forest here:   Instead of writing an entire game from scratch, I pulled out an old robot-football prototype I wrote from around 2003 and began porting it to Unity.  FMC, or, Full […]