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Archive for April, 2013

Spring Bonus- Screenshots and artwork

Appynation,  our buddies and publisher of our game,  Spring Bonus,  have posted loads of artwork from the game for everyone to take a look at. You can see more on their Facebook page here.

Mash ‘Em Marbles

This weekend for my April One Game a Month entry, I recoded my old game Mash ’em Marbles! It’s as close to the original as I could get it. Plenty of fun, and incredibly simple. Sadly because I used some old media and the theme became a little bit more than Minimalistic, I could not […]

Spring Bonus! available on iOS and Android

I’m happy to announce that Sturdy Games and Grey Alien Games have teamed up with AppyNation to bring you Spring Bonus for iOS and Android!!!   You’ve been chosen by the Easter Bunny to help him light up the Magic Rainbow by melting away the cold grip of Winter! Embark on a magical journey through […]